Wilson’s World: Ft Mill High School Band

Wilson Visits Fort Mill High School Band as They Raise Funds for Trip to France

FORT MILL, S.C. –   Wilson was with members of the Fort Mill High School Band as they are working hard to raise money for their big trip to France next year.  The group of musicians has won numerous awards including the state title 24 times.   They also have a principal that can give Wilson a run for his money in the “what were you thinking when you dressed yourself this morning?”  department.

The band has received a prestigious invitation to perform on April 1 at the American National Cemetery in Normandy, France, but the trip is self-funded and will not be cheap.  So the kids have been working hard to raise money for the experience. Currently they are raising funds through their sales in a Dewey’s Bakery retail pop-up shop in Fort Mill.  The shop will be selling great Dewey’s baked goods through Christmas Eve.  The shop not only has Dewey’s famous Moravian cookies and sugar cakes, but also a lot of their other tasty bakery creations.

Wilson talked with members of the band as well as FMHS principal Dee Christopher and parents and board members about the trip and what the kids are hoping to experience during the trip.  Some of the band members also played snippets of some of the season’s favorite holiday tunes.

The band’s pop-up Dewey’s Bakery is located at 3701 U.S. Highway 21 in Fort Mill, S.C. and is open Monday through Saturday from 11am until 7pm through Christmas Eve.

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