Mayor Roberts Address LGBT Chamber

CHARLOTTE, NC — Jennifer Roberts’ first day on the job as the Mayor of Charlotte was a busy one. It wrapped up Tuesday night with a speech to the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

During her mayoral campaign, Roberts pledged to expand the city’s non-discrimination ordinance to include protections for gay, lesbian and transgender people. A city council vote on the ordinance failed in March.

“I also want to show that this is great for business. To let people be who they are and to make sure they’re treated equally and fairly.”

As of now, companies can refuse business to someone based on their sexual preference.

Mayor Roberts also rode along with city sanitation workers Tuesday morning. She’s pushing for a minimum wage of $15 dollars an hour for city employees.

Roberts also helped cut the ribbon at a dedication ceremony for First Ward Park. The new park is located along East 7th, 9th and Brevard Streets.