Local Muslims Hold Candlelight Vigil

CHARLOTTE, NC — “No more fear, no more fear,” was the chant, as more than a hundred supporters joined together at the candlelight vigil.

“I have come to bring the news that you can walk out of your door with your head held high,” said one speaker at the event.

The group joined together to show solidarity as a Muslim community, but also denounce the attacks that claimed 14 lives in San Bernardino last week.

“The Muslim community in Charlotte decided to come here to say we reject all forms of terrorism and all forms of violence in the name of Islam,” says organizer Habia Mubarak.

And it’s the verbal attacks on the religious group from political leaders like Donald Trump, who wants to ban Muslims from entering the U.S. that has many worried.

“There are still people who still support the KKK, and we know that is ridiculous.  Donald Trump, I hope will not be the next U.S. President. He is nothing that the constitution stands for,” says Noor Sanjak.

Organizers hoping events like these will create dialog and unity within the greater Charlotte community.

“I honestly don’t blame the average American who is scared now of his Muslim neighbors, because that’s all the Islam they are seeing,” said Mubarak.

“Muslims really need to counter this and let them know the security of this country is in all of our interest.”