Spanish Broadcasters in National Spotlight


**Note – This video has been removed because it contained NFL footage.

CHARLOTTE, NC — It’s an international, bilingual sensation, With football fans around the world catching on to what’s happening in Charlotte.

And the Carolina Panthers are getting increased exposure because of it, Picking up new, Spanish-speaking supporters with every energetic performance. It’s a social media sensation, going viral almost every week.

Jamie Moreno and his nephew Luis are the Carolina Panthers’ Spanish language radio team, bringing passion, insight and a dramatic flair to a growing audience.

“You have to explain everything a lot of times, and make it very simple for people who are not,” says Luis. “Because we still have a lot of audience that don’t understand the game that well.”

“If I say ‘Cam Newton’ for you, and you don’t speak English, it’s going to be hard for you to remember and pronounce it,” says Jaime. “But if I say El Dinosauro, you say ‘Ah, Dinosauro, the quarterback of the Carolina Panthers.'”

Jamie’s nicknames are a becoming legend. He calls Cam “El Dinosauro”, The Dinosaur, because he’s one of a kind. There are no more like him. Thomas Davis is “El Capitan”. Luke Kuechly, “El Confesor”. The list goes on and on.

“Josh Norman: Bandolero. Why Bandolero? Because he steals everything that comes on his side,” says Jaime.

Jamie and Luis are both from Mexico, have both been in Charlotte for more than 20 years, and both are die-hard Panthers fans.

They started calling Panthers games six seasons ago. Their calls are now getting national attention. And yes, they do have favorites.

“The one. The touchdown from Cam Newton,” says Jaime.

“I like the Gano one, because it trended immediately,” says Luis.

“I think after the Indianapolis game I had so many people sending me the radio call,” said Panthers placekicker Graham Gano. “So it’s pretty neat and we really enjoy it.”

Coach Ron Rivera’s family listens on the Internet in Puerto Rico, and the signature calls have made their way into the locker room.

“We get excited about it,” said linebacker Thomas Davis. “Because, especially when you’re the guy making that play that they’re going crazy over.”

“Our video guys put together a little reel from the previous game,” said linebacker Luke Kuechly. “And you know, whether it’s a touchdown on offense or a play on defense, the guy’s energy is awesome.”

You can hear the Spanish radio call on 102.3 fm in the Charlotte area. The Panthers have posted video with some of the best calls from Jaime and Luis on the team’s Facebook page.