Neighbors Calling for More Cyclist & Pedestrian Safety Along Parkwood Avenue.

CHARLOTTE, NC – A call for safer streets in a busy part of East Charlotte after a deadly bicycle accident and multiple people hit.

“I’ve seen cars hit the curb. I’ve seen a car hit a house,” says neighbor Brittany Baughter.

Baughter says she’s nervous walking her dog each day along a stretch of Parkwood Avenue.

“Cars drive too fast. They aren’t looking out for pedestrians or cyclists,” she explains.
Baughter witnessed the bicycle accident that left 73-year-old Al Gorman dead back in September.

It happened at the corner of Parkwood and Hawthorne Lane, just steps from her home.

A memorial bicycle sits there now there as a safety reminder.

Down the road, a pedestrian lost his leg after being hit by a car at Parkwood and The Plaza back in June.

“I’s terrible. It’s terrible to think about it happening to anybody,” says neighbor Andrea Cook.

Cook says she wants to walk with her kids to a nearby park but is afraid to do it.

“Getting a stroller or bikes or little kids across that is like playing Frogger with the traffic, whizzing up and down,” she explains.

Now over 500 people have signed an online petition calling for adding bicycle lanes and safer crossings for pedestrians.

City officials say the Ccharlotte Department of Transportation plans to collect traffic, speed, and accident data along the corridor and see what they can do.

But it’s not clear if the money is there to make changes anytime soon.
“I’m skeptical but I hope that with enough local support and enough people who are interested in the change, that they’ll listen,” Cooks says.