Mother Arrested After Baby Found Dead Inside Home

DALLAS, NC — Patricia Ginyard says her neighbor Jason Allen is heartbroken over the death of his 6-month-old boy.

“He was really, really, really upset,” says Ginyard.

Allen told Lincoln County Sheriff’s deputies he came home from work on Christmas Eve to find his 6-month-old son lying on the sofa, naked, alone and unresponsive.

Deputies arrested his wife, 30-year-old Stephanie Tillman.

They say she was in a back bedroom and appeared to be intoxicated from prescription medicine.

Her 3 and 4-year-olds were found with her, lying in the bed naked, but awake.

Deputies tell us the home on Temple Lane in Dallas was filled with garbage and human and animal waste.

Ginyard says this isn’t the first time neighbors have called the Sheriff because of the kids.

Her mom found one of the toddlers naked in their backyard.

“One actually got lost behind our house, and being that my mother is elderly, she can’t walk out that good, so she had her neighbor to get the girl. I think it was a girl,” says Ginyard.

She also says this could’ve have been avoided. “In the city this wouldn’t happen, cause the first person would’ve of saw kids outside, no clothes on, would’ve been a problem, but being we so secluded up here.”

Authorities do not have a cause of death and found no signs of injury on the toddler.

Tillman was charged with three misdemeanor counts of contributing to the delinquency and neglect by parents and three misdemeanor counts of child abuse.

Tillman’s bond was reduced from $100,000 to $10,000, and her first court appearance will be January 12, 2016.

The children have been placed with family members.