Weather Backs Up Airport, Strands Passengers

CHARLOTTE, NC — Winter storms out west are causing havoc at U.S. airports.

More than 6,500 flights were delayed or cancelled Monday.

That includes some flights coming in and out of Charlotte-Douglas International.

Passengers got a glimpse at the cancellations and delays and headed to ticket counters, where many waited for more than an hour to reschedule, only to learn many people can’t get out of Charlotte until the end of this week.

“It’s a headache. It’s a big headache!” said Megan Driggs. “And it’s the holidays, so on top of the mass of people here, it’s just, it’s crazy to try and juggle. It’s stressful.”

Driggs was supposed to be on one of 2,000 Chicago flights cancelled or delayed Monday due to weather.

In Dallas, the winter storm disrupted close to 1,000 flights.

That backed up flights to and from Charlotte.

By 8:00 Monday night, Charlotte airlines cancelled 50 flights.

“It’s a little bit of a headache, but we’re getting through, and you have to smile,” said Chris Piller.

Passengers could only scramble to find hotels.

“Then you have to extend everything,” said Driggs. “I have to call work. I have to call my family, let them know I’ll be running behind.”