Charlotte Rings In 2016

CHARLOTTE, NC — Just hours away from the official start of the new year, thousands of people packed Uptown.


“It’s the time you want to spend with all your family,” said Miami resident Carlos Rivero. “And very important to have everyone out here.”

Many families came early to enjoy the food, fun and music.

“I just love see all the Charlotte families be in one place,” said University area resident Marian Melo. “Bring in the new year together.”

“It’s like the culture,” said University resident Sean Noble. “Everybody’s starting to realize this is going on, bringing the city together.”

CMPD was also out in full force. Since the festivities were deemed an extraordinary event, there were extra security and police working to keep everyone safe.

“Make sure people obey all the regular laws that we enforce, things that relate alcohol, weapons, fireworks, we’ll be policing them more strictly,” said CMPD Deputy Chief Jeff Estes.

Organizers don’t anticipate any problems.


“I like extraordinary events; I wish it was the standard,” said Robert Krumbine, Chief Creative Officer of Charlotte Center City Partners. “It doesn’t scare me; shouldn’t scare people. Should make them feel safer. This will be the safest place in Charlotte, no doubt.”