NC Ski Resorts Back In Business

SUGAR MOUNTAIN, N.C.–The snow making machines are up and running at Sugar Mountain Ski Resort.
The resort has been making snow since Thursday night to prepare for this weekend.

This is the fifth time they have reopened this season.  And many were waiting to take full advantage..
“It’s great to see how much fun everybody is having out here,” says Devareo George from Durham, N.C.

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter ski season is back in business.

“We made some good snow last 36 hours, we expect cold weather to stick around we’re going to build more base, open more terrain and do what we do best provide good skiing,” says Gunther Jochl, President of Sugar Mountain Resort.

Up until now the temperatures have been too warm for Sugar Mountain Ski Resort to stay open for more than a couple of days.

“We’ve been here for three days, this is the first day we got to ski,” says Albany, Georgia resident Jack Plowden.

The lower temperatures giving it the winter blast it needed.  Vacationers from all over taking full advantage.

“It’s nuts I didn’t think the lines would be this long today,” says Plowden

“It’s the first coldest day of the winter for them to open up, so it’s great to come as a group and enjoy New Years Eve with good skiing and snowboard weather,”says George.

“It’s good for our business but it’s good for all the people in the high country, because they eat at restaurants, buy gas and stay overnight.  It’s  important factor for the whole area because we’re back in the ski business,” says Jochl.

And if these long lines are any indication,  as long as Mother Nature cooperates, there’s more business to come.

“It’s great that they are finally able to open.  It’s not as much snow as I would like, but it’s nice they were able to open up as soon as they did,”says Josh Cady from Aiken, S.C.