Local Reaction to Obama’s Executive Action on Gun Control

CHARLOTTE, N.C.– An emotional plea from President Obama to put an end to gun violence and mass shootings.

The President announced new executive actions Tuesday, aimed at expanding background checks for gun buyers.

The NC Republican Party called on Roy Cooper to defend the State against what they call the President’s executive over-reach.

But not everyone sees it that way.  Many say the new orders will just make it harder to buy guns online and at gun shows.

“We’re here today, not to debate the last mass shooting, but to do something to try to prevent the next one,” Obama said during his announcement.

Tuesday, President Obama overstepped Congress and announced new executive actions on gun control.

Anyone selling a gun would have to get a license, and it will require extensive background checks on potential buyers.

States will also have to submit mental health records, making it easier to track those who shouldn’t buy guns.

“The one may be helpful is to get the mental health check, to get more mental health information into the background check system so someone that has bad problem with mental health can’t get a gun,” says gun shop owner Larry Hyatt.

Larry Hyatt owns Hyatt Gun Shop and says he’s not worried the new laws will hurt his sales.  But says it’s only the first step to fighting gun violence in America.

“The biggest problem we have is stolen guns, those stolen out of cars and houses. That’s how the criminals get the vast majority of their guns,” says Hyatt.

Some are fine with the new orders.  William Wilson is the CEO of William Wilson Clothing and an Independent voter.

Wilson says, “As a law abiding citizen, I’m not really affected by it.  I didn’t see how you are arguing this infringing on rights, none of my rights are infringed.  I just got to get a background check, so what?”

But not everyone sees eye to eye with the President.

“Laws are to be enacted by the Congress and enforced by the Executive Branch,” says Congressman Robert Pittenger, who also says the executive actions may not help.

“We have every major mass shooting, those individuals have gone through background checks, and they passed them.  Bad guys get guns,” says Pittenger.

Obama’s proposal also plans to add hundreds of FBI and ATF agents to better enforce current laws and handle the additional background checks.