Gov. Haley Announces Domestic Violence Reforms

COLUMBIA, SC — South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is taking executive action to change the way the state handles domestic violence cases. Haley says 42 percent of violent crime in South Carolina involves domestic violence.

Haley plans to include roughly $19 million in her executive budget to address that. She is also ordering state agencies to look for signs of domestic violence when people are seeking assistance. And, she’s changing human resource policies to give guidance to abuse victims.

Domestic violence advocates say its a major turning point.

“It’s been a hugely positive move for us,” said Sara Barber of the SC Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault. “We’ve really seen the state, and really at high levels, first with the legislature, and then with the governor, and then with all the different agencies that have been devoted to the task force really start to think about domestic violence in a different way.”

Nationwide, South Carolina consistently ranks among the worst per capita in women killed by men.