High Country Prepares for Snow, Ice

NEWTON, NC — 24 salt trucks are ready to hit the roads in Catawba County friday. The Department of Transportation in Newton says they have prepped the roads with 22,000 gallons of brine ahead of the storm.

Karyn Yaussy with Catawba County Emergency Management says all emergency services are fully staffed and ready to help.

“If you stay off the roads, if you monitor the weather, pay attention to the temperatures and whats going on, you’re going to be safe,” said Yaussy. “But if you get out where you don’t belong, you risk getting stranded, and that risks other people’s lives having to rescue you.”

People are also preparing. In Hickory they hit the supermarkets to stock up on food.

Sylvia whitener says: “We come out here to look for something in cans that we can open in case the power goes out. And bananas and cereal and things like that,” said Syliva Whitener of Newton.

Officials are urging people to stay off the street until the storm passes.