A Fight Between Neighbors Turns Deadly

CLEVELAND COUNTY, NC — “We heard gunfire, about 5 shots. We called back to 911 and they tell us get away from the window,” said neighbor Roy Blackmon.

Roy Blackmon lives at the corner of Mann Court and Barrett Road, where early Wednesday morning, a fight between neighbors turned deadly.

“These folks have been having an ongoing dispute over some property, possibly the right away here on Mann Court,” said Capt. Joel Shores with Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department.

Police say Robert Chad Bridges shot Myla and her husband Jeffrey in the head with a shotgun.

Myla died, and Jeffrey is in critical condition.

Their middle school-aged son saw the shooting and ran to get on the school bus.

“They don’t know at this time that their momma is deceased. All they know is dad had been shot,” said Capt Shores.

Court records show multiple complaints dating back to September of last year.

Jeffrey Oaks filed a report against Bridges for punching him in the face. Bridges and his fiance’ Leslie England filed a report for communicating threats and stalking against Myla.

Then a report of Bridges pointing a shotgun at Myla back in December.

Myla tweeted Monday that the neighbors were back in court again.

“It’s unfortunate that we are to the point in time that we are having people get shot and killed over a piece of property,” said Capt. Shores.

Three cars were towed from the scene. Bridges’ truck was T-boned into Jeffrey Oaks car and then Myla’s truck. Police brought on highway patrol to see how the accident happened to find out what might have led to the shooting.