Puppy Shot 18 Times Home with New Family

ROCK HILL, S.C. – Brody’s healing and so is the little girl who adopted him. When the now 7-week-old puppy was rescued by Rock Hill Police at an apartment complex, he was bleeding heavily.

But Brody survived after having a knife thrown at him and being shot 18 times with a BB gun. He wasn’t in great shape when 10-year-old Kailey met him at the animal hospital just over a week ago. Kailey’s mom Carla says, “The first time she met him, she got in the car and she says, ‘I see Woodrow in his eyes!’ And I knew right then she had picked her puppy.”

Woodrow the dog was Kailey’s long time companion, her best friend. He helped the little girl cope with her anxiety disorders. He died in January at age 14. WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Kailey, “What are you excited to do with Brody as he gets older?” Kailey says, “I wanna take him swimming and hopefully take him to nursing homes to help other people like Woodrow helped me.”

A 17-year-old and a 14-year-old were arrested for shooting the puppy. Many find it hard to forgive them. But forgiveness isn’t an issue for Brody. Carla says, “He’s so forgiving. He’s not afraid of people. He’s not afraid of kids.” Kailey adds, “But he doesn’t like loud sounds.”

Carla says the puppy was meant for her family. And maybe, hopefully, for other people too. “Hopefully now, you know, with his story being out there, more people will go rescue pets, more people will be more aware of animal cruelty,” she says.

WCCB Charlotte asked the Rock Hill police for an update on the case against the two teens. We’re told so far, there’s nothing new. Meantime, people from across the country have made donations to help pay for Brody’s medical bills.