Bait Dog Dumping Ground Discovered in Rock Hill

ROCK HILL, S.C. – “He was dumped. There’s no way anybody woulda seen him from the road. Luckily, I just took a wrong turn.” A wrong turn while showing property took Rock Hill real estate agent Casey Lawrence to a young pit bull. He’s safe now, at an animal hospital.


But 24 hours before, he was near death, dumped in the woods off Vernsdale Road near Rambo Road, probably discarded collateral of the violent, illegal act of dog fighting.

Lawrence says, “We hear about it (dog fighting), but we never hardly see it so I’m hoping that this is proof.”

“His injuries suggest that he’s probably a bait dog,” says Dr. James Doyle of Baxter Veterinary Clinic. Doyle continues, “They’re not aggressive dogs and that’s why they’re used as bait dogs. Because they’re not any good at fighting.” Doyle says the dog, now called Rambo, has widespread, severe injuries. If he survives, gangrene may still cost Rambo one of his legs.

WCCB Charlotte News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty went to the dumping ground where Rambo was discovered. She saw lots of empty alcohol containers, a shot gun shell casing, carpet remnants, duct tape, and most gruesomely, a recently killed hog with a wire cable noose secured around its neck.

She also found more bones that look like dog skulls and an empty bag of dog food. No one can say for sure that any of this stuff is related, but it sure is curious.

“Hog-dog fighting” is exactly what it sounds like, and it’s banned in North and South Carolina. Rock Hill Police know Rambo was found at the dumping ground. For now, they won’t tell WCCB Charlotte more than that. Every Life Matters Animal Rescue founder Rose Chmielewski says, “I want to see an investigation of how these animals are getting dropped off. If they (the police) can put up cameras, something. (To get images) Of who’s dropping off these animals, where there’s a fighting ring going on.”

We did see signs posted that say there are cameras in that area. If you want to make a donation to Rambo’s medical care, call Baxter Veterinary Clinic at (803) 547-8387 or make a donation through Every Life Matters Animal Rescue at