Local and National Businesses React To House Bill 2

CHARLOTTE, NC– We were there when the first all star tournament gear arrived last month.

Now the NBA is questioning it’s ability to hold the game in a city with such a “Discriminatory Law.”

Amplifying the rally cry of the LGBT community.

The law makes transgender people use the bathroom of the gender on their birth certificate, but it also takes workers’ rights to sue employers for discrimination.

“It makes it incredibly hard to interest people in an area where they may feel like their livelihood maybe threatened,” said local business owner Diana Wade

Diana Wade owns Charlotte NC Tours.

Joined by large corporations like American Airlines, Wells Fargo, and Paypal, saying they don’t agree with the new law because it runs counter to their principals of equality.

“This is not good for anybody.”

Attorney Matthew Flatow says it’s still illegal to discriminate at work, you just can’t sue a company on the state level.

Only the Federal level which takes more time and money.

“It has nothing to do with bathroom has nothing to do the transgender community they essentially used an opportunity to say ‘Ok we’re going to eliminate all these problems that might affect business,'” said Flatlow

But many businesses say it affects their ability to recruit.

City leaders are looking at legal ramifications of the law.

“You just cost us potentially hundreds of millions of dollars when you could’ve protected all citizens,” said Charlotte City Councilwoman Lawana Mayfield (D).