Wilson’s World: C3 Lab Xperience 01 Event

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Wilson is previewing the C3 Lab Xperience 01 event happening at C3 Lab in South End.

C3 Lab is Charlotte’s new creative hub located in the South End District for designers, entrepreneurs, freelancers, artists and other creative types.

C3 Lab combines the best features of a home office, coffee shop, business space, community center and studio shop.

There will be a special event called C3Lab Xperience 01 happening at C3 Lab on Saturday, April 30th from 6-11pm.  The event will begin with a screening of a documentary called Before There Was Punk, There Was A Band Called DEATH.  The documentary chronicles the first-ever Punk Rock band, DEATH.  Following the screening there will be a Q&A session with Charlotte’s Jeff Howlett, the director of the film.  There will also be live music at the event on April 30th.  A band called Rough Francis is fronted by DEATH frontman’s son, Bobby Hackney, Jr.

Learn more about the C3Lab Xperience 01 event HERE.

Click HERE to learn more about C3 Lab.

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