Spring Freeze Threatens Strawberry Crops

CHARLOTTE, NC– A warm March caused strawberries and peaches to grow early this year.

Farmer Ron Edwards says these crops can only take the cold weather for so long.

“29, 28 degree temperatures, they cant stand that but just a couple hours. Six or seven hours it would be devastating,” said Edwards


Row covers are how farmers are protecting their strawberries out here in the fields from the cold. Over at Pikes Nursery in Ballantyne, they have some tips for how to keep yours protected at home.

The warm weather had home gardeners planting early as well.

“People came out way earlier for spring time”

Chrissy Rivelli advises people to cover their plants with a frost cloth or an old table cloth, but shy away from plastic.


“You don’t want to the plastic to touch the leaves of the plants, because a little green house affect occurs and you could actually burn the leaf.”

She also says to move potted plants and hanging baskets inside. And be sure to water.

“If your container is dry and we get a freeze, its not very good for the plants, it damages their roots.”