Braylon Beam and Panthers Players Raise $17,000 For Charity

It was a night to remember, 7-year-old Carolina Panthers honorary Coach Braylon Beam and players, cruisin’ to beat cancer.

The group Charters for Charity hosted the special fundraiser.  We caught up with the special guy and his celebrity friends.

“Really great. I’m just excited to spend some time with other people. It’s 70 degrees out here and we’re gonna have a good time,” says Braylon Beam.

Jesse Beam, Braylon’s dad told WCCB News, “We’ve created nice packages to send out to families going through the same battle, and beyond cancer if there’s a child with a life threatening illness we are there to help.”

Braylon, who is from Denver, North Carolina, was diagnosed with brain cancer last year.

His foundation, Bring It 4 Braylon offered fans a chance to meet Panthers players, buy special auction items and have fun over Lake Norman.

“It’s affected our entire community we thinking of the mantra that the Panthers stand for in keep pounding,” says Thomas Davis.

Panthers players Thomas Davis, and Mike Tolbert sharing their love for Braylon and his cause.

“Just a tremendous inspiration to see this kid fighting day in an day out.  As a man I can only respect that, as a player I appreciate it and as a friend I’m here for him anytime, ” says Tolbert.

NASCAR’s Mike Wallace also wanted to help.

“The children are the future of the world.  Here’s a young boy going through challenges in life, yet has biggest smile how can you not want to be a apart of it,”says Wallace.

And it’s that smile,  “I’m glad for them coming out here and support other people,” Braylon joked.

And laugh that inspires so many to do more.

Braylon’s dad says they raised money from fans purchasing tickets–buying auction items and the money will go to the charity to help provide care packages for kids like Braylon.

Overall, they were able to raise over $17,000 for Braylon’s foundation.