Charlotte Hairdresser Among Those to Remember Prince

CHARLOTTE, NC– Ace from “The Ace & TJ show says,”For all the people who claimed that they were an artist, that claimed that they were a visionary, who claimed they’re fearless, claim
that they’re genius he was the only person that really was all of those things.”

“When he would do things that people thought were unusual or different you got the feeling he got a pass, it was genuine from him, he was just different from everyone else,” says Ace.

And it was that unique style that veteran hairstylist Eloise Ferguson says she played a part in.

“When they called me and told me they wanted to make an appointment for Prince I didn’t know who Prince was?” says Ferguson.

Ferguson says she met Prince more than 30 years ago, when he was on tour in the Queen City and in need of a new hairdo.

“I just added a little enhancement to his right side and you know that he wore that for a long time I would see him, on different things,” says Ferguson.

A memory she’ll never forget.

“I miss him now just knowing I had a chance to meet Prince in person.”

Even here at this Starry Blockbuster Series movie screening fans are paying tribute.

Across the world, you can see purple. a signature from his Purple Rain album and movie, an iconic star gone too soon.