Parents Voice Concern As Rowan Co. Looks To Close Schools

SALISBURY, N.C.– “I feel it’s best we drop this like a bad habit” said one upset parent.

It was standing room only at this Rowan-Salisbury school board meeting.

Board members listening as parents expressed outrage over a proposal to close 6 schools.

“We can’t just be concerned about the money we have to be concerned about the child,” said another parent.

Assistant Superintendent Anthony Vann says the current budget can’t maintain all of the schools in the district, and that they are looking for ways to save money.

“Our board heard from our consulting firm that said these are older schools, we can close these schools utilize resources maybe in a different way,” says Vann.

Among the six proposed schools are Woodleaf and Cleveland Elementary schools. Which could close and consolidate into a new school being built.

The consultant also proposed closing Faith elementary, Mt. Mulla, Enochville, and Morgan but the students in these four schools would not go to a new school, but instead would be sent to different existing schools in the area.

“Since we have empty seats we could redistribute the entire count and move those students to other schools,” says Vann.

“It’s domino busing for us…they talked about disrupting 4200 elementary school lives across the county with this plan, it just can’t be real,” says Todd Paris.