Homeowner: Everything Went Really White

Lightening Sparks Fires, Storms Continue in Metro

CHARLOTTE, NC — Families dealt with some close calls during Monday’s storms.

Lightening sparked fires. Cars wrecked on flooded roads.

Video captured flames shoot out of the ground 12 feet high outside a home in East Charlotte. Lightening had just blown a hole through Madi Zusack’s home.

“I was working on my computer and everything went really white,” said Zusack. “It was very scary.”

The lightning blew sockets and a thermostat off the wall.

It traveled 24 inches underground and ignited a gas line.

“That’s very unusual,” said Chief Safety Officer of the Robinson Fire Department Ron Cheves said. “I’ve never seen that. About 40 years in the fire service, and I’ve never seen that.”

In Rock Hill, firefighters couldn’t get in to save a family’s dog when a suspected lightening strike sparked this house fire on Cuttawa St.

Crews tried to keep up as downpours caused wrecks across the Charlotte area.

A CMPD officer walked away from a crash after losing control in the rain on Interstate 485 near Harrisburg Rd.

Drivers were stuck at rush hour after a tree snapped, taking out power lines in Huntersville.

“You can’t prepare,” said Chief Cheves.

Back in East Charlotte, Zusack surveyed the damage.

The lightening bolt hit just inches from where the mother-to-be would have been working.

“I was supposed to be there today, but I decided not to because I’m pregnant, and decided to lay on the couch,” said Zusack. “So, luckily I didn’t get struck.”