McCrory Continues To Blame Charlotte For HB2 Fallout

CHARLOTTE, NC– Governor Pat McCrory continues to blame Charlotte city leaders for the fallout from House Bill 2.

McCrory was in charlotte today with Senator Thom Tills. They participated in an F-35 flight simulation at Carolinas Aviation Museum.
Mccrory says state and local leaders need to work together to support economic growth and maintain what he calls common sense values.

“This whole dispute started by the radical left, right here in Charlotte. By the Mayor and also by the Attorney General, with the Attorney General’s support. And then they also helped coordinate with companies who were looking to boycott North Carolina, which is the worst thing to do.” said McCrory

McCrory still wants lawmakers to restore the right to sue for discrimination in State Court. He’ll leave it up to lawmakers to decide if they want to put HB2 on the ballot for a referendum in November.