Local Teen Accused of ISIS Plot Out on Parole

York Police Chief Fears Parole Board Failed

YORK, SC — A York teenager accused of trying to join ISIS and plotting to attack a North Carolina military base is out on parole.

The York Police Chief says he fears the juvenile justice system has failed.

Neighbors are preparing for the 17-year-old to come back to his family home.

“Will he be playing with my son again? No. I won’t, I can’t allow that. Not with all the evidence that they had,” said Shon Ghent.

The parole board released the teen Wednesday.

“We’re kindly uncomfortable with that,” said Jimmie Bolin.

The boy was in jail 14 months after police say he plotted to shoot up the military base in the name of ISIS.

“My son played with him pretty much daily in the house, playing games. He was always helping the neighbors out,” said Ghent. “It was a shock.”

When officers searched inside the teenager’s bedroom, they say they found a loaded handgun, a loaded rifle, ISIS literature and an ISIS flag.

“My detective asked him point-blank, ‘When you went to carry this plot out if I had stopped you or another officer, what would you do?’ And he said he just told him point-blank. He said, ‘I would’ve killed you.’,” said Chief Andy Robinson.

Chief Robinson says the justice system let him down.

“I just don’t think from the way he acted in the hearing yesterday that his ideas have changed any,” said Chief Robinson.

Chief Robinson says the teen refused to tell the parole board where he got the guns.

The juvenile parole board did not return messages to answer why the teen is no threat.

We reached out to family to find out if the teen has changed his mind set. We have not received a response.