Gov. McCrory Responds To Feds With Lawsuit

RALEIGH, NC– “I could not agree to that because I do not agree with their interpretation of Federal law.” said Governor Pat McCrory

The Justice Department offered Governor Pat McCrory a one week extension to respond to its letter if he publicly agreed to its interpretation of Federal law.

His response was a lawsuit.

“We believe a court rather than a Federal agency should tell our state, our nation, and employers across the country what the law requires” said McCrory

The Attorney General quickly fired back with a lawsuit.

“We are seeking a court order declaring House Bill 2’s restroom restriction impermissibly discriminatory, as well as a statewide bar on its enforcement.” said Attorney General Loretta Lynch

The General Assembly jumped in on the action with House Speaker Moore and Senate Speaker Berger filing their own lawsuit in support of Governor McCrory against the justice department.”

“We believe that North Carolina law needs to be protected and we think that what the Dept. Of justice has done is a huge overstep and mis-interpretation of the law” said House Speaker Tim Moore.

But they don’t speak for the entire legislature.

“This legislation will not only hurt our schools and our children; it hurts working families.” said Congressional Candidate Tricia Cotham

Attorney General Loretta Lynch says this is much bigger than just about bathrooms.

“This is about the dignity and respect we accord our fellow citizens and the laws that we, as a people and as a country, have enacted to protect them.” said Lynch.

Supporters on both sides of House Bill 2 gathered in front of the Governor’s Mansion.

“We would have hoped that after all this time and how damaging this has been to North Carolina and North Carolinians’ rights that he would have been in there announcing full support of repeal of HB2.” said Sarah Preston of the ACLU.

“Its time that the Department of Education and Department of Justice stop bullying North Carolina and we commend the Governor for continuing to stand for the privacy of every citizen here.” said Kellie Fiedorek of the Alliance Defending Freedom