Local Colleges Train For Active Shooter

CHARLOTTE, NC– “It takes a lot of training, a lot of time, incredible resources and it’s something you have to do annual and work on,” said UNC Charlotte Police Chief, Jeff Baker.

Chief Baker says watching the incident at UCLA play out shows why training is so crucial. Campus police just happen to be in the middle of active shooter and crisis training this week.

“At the same time work through a lock down through campus work through the alert system, the siren system making sure everything is handled and managed,” said Baker.

UNC Charlotte isn’t the only local campus with a plan in place.


“We’ve done a lot of training with CPCC and other area schools colleges and universities,” said Mike Clumpner, owner of Threat Suppression, Inc.

Mike Clumpner, owner of Threat Suppression Inc., says there are 18-20 active shooter incidents at businesses and schools a year. His company teaches survivor tactics like run, hide, fight.

“So we focus on what the students need to do then we focus on what staff need to do and then we focus on what law enforcement , fire EMS need to do together to fix the situation,” said Clumpner.

Baker says they have more than a dozen officers ready to respond on campus, many who are trained in swat.


“You have to kinda find that balance where you train and you’re prepared so that heaven forbid they ever did occur you’re prepared to handle it,” said Baker.