CMS Announces Protections For Transgender Students

CHARLOTTE, N.C.-Superintendent Ann Clark announced new regulations on how teachers and staff should treat transgender students.

“It’s not a statement against House Bill 2, it’s a statement for our kids,” says Clark.

In accordance with federal law that includes allowing students to use the restroom or locker room that corresponds to their gender identity.

“Some students will go into the restroom of their biological gender, others may choose private restrooms, others may choose based on gender identity. We are going to give our students that choice,” says Clark.

It also includes keeping  transgender students status confidential and referring to transgender students based on the gender they identify with.

“I used to say girls in this line, and boys in this line.  Now we are going to have to change that focus,” says CMS Board Member Mary McCray.

Todd Rosendhal with Timeout Youth says it’s a win for the LBGT community.

“The youth we work with at Timeout Youth, have been asking for this for a long time and the staff, have been too.  They really need guidance to make sure their supporting transgender students at their school,” says Rosendhal.

CMS also plans to teach students about transgender identity.

“Our kids are more inclusive than we are as adults.  We just have to give them a a chance to be and not let our intolerance move down to them ,” says McCray.