Firefighter’s Last Ride: Funeral Procession for Joshua Warren

Funeral procession through Lincoln County

LINCOLN COUNTY, NC — Funeral services for Firefighter Joshua Warren will begin Tuesday at 11 in the morning.

Monday, East Lincoln Fire Department drove his body through Denver to the church where his funeral will be held. His casket sat on his favorite engine number 34.

His wife Kimberly and two children, Kelsey and Max road inside.

Fellow firefighters saluted from the side of the road. Strangers cried.

“It’s hard on all the families,” said Tammy Hinson. “It’s hard on every fireman because it could be another one. It could be my son.”

Hinson’s son volunteered alongside Warren. Warren was 34-years-old and worked for Alexis, Lucia-Riverbend and East Lincoln Fire Departments.

“He protected us every day,” said Hinson.

Thursday morning, Warren was on duty for Alexis Volunteer Fire Department. He was jogging around the track at East Lincoln Middle school when he collapsed. He died at the hospital.

“He could be counted on, not only as a firefighter, but as a father, as family man and as a member of the church over my shoulder here,” said Lincoln County Emergency Management Spokesperson Dion Burleson standing in front of Westport Baptist Church.

On the engine carrying Warren’s casket, firefighters covered the flashing emergency lights with black cloth as a sign of mourning.
“He exemplifies hero,” said Burleson.

His pallbearers carried the casket from Engine 34 into the church. His family followed, surrounded by Warren’s brotherhood.

Donations can be made to Warren’s children at State Employees Credit Union under Joshua Warren Memorial Fund.