Charlotte Airport Security Prepares for Record Holiday Travel

Security increase for Independence Day travelers

CHARLOTTE, NC — Charlotte Douglas International has implemented multiple layers of security to try and keep passengers safe in light of recent international terror attacks.

TSA expects record numbers of passengers in Charlotte Thursday and Friday for Independence Day travel.

An airport spokesperson wrote: “The Airport remains vigilant in response to the international situation that is unfolding. As we do with all such situations, we are in constant contact with our federal security partners including the Department of Homeland Security. A routine increase of visibility regarding security may take place…. No additional details can be discussed for obvious security reasons.”

Explosive detecting dogs are checking passengers and baggage as a record 60,000 people are expected Thursday and Friday, despite recent attacks.

“I think if you stop what you would normally do, they’ve won,” said passenger Toni Evans. “So, you just got to keep living life.”

Passengers notice more CMPD officers than usual.

TSA would not reveal exact numbers so as to not tip off any copy-cats but says state, local and federal law enforcement have uniformed and plain clothes security watching.

TSA says you likely won’t see most security measures but call it a multi-layer system. Agents say security now starts at the airport perimeter and extends into parking lots.

There is security in transportation systems and throughout airport lines.

Thursday and Friday will be the two most heavily traveled days so far this year. TSA is asking you to help with security. If you see something suspicious don’t ignore it. Say something.

“Keep you head straight and look for things suspicious,” said Evans.

The airport is telling people to arrive at least two hours early. You can enroll in TSA’s Pre Check program online and avoid some security screening steps that slow down the process.