Rallies, Protests, and Prayer Services Held in Charlotte

CHARLOTTE, NC – Rallies, protests, and prayer services are being held across the Charlotte area this weekend.
In Mooresville, police and members of the community bowed their heads together in prayer.
“Showing our support for one another. And trying to get over this trying time together,” says Major Gerald Childress, with the Mooresville Police Department.
The downtown service was meant as a way for people to come together after a difficult week.
“We just want to make sure that we do our part in protecting one another and making everyone feel as safe as possible,” Childress says.
“We can lean on each other and we don’t have to hate the police officers but we have to truly begin to work together,” says Mooresville resident Sheldon McIver.
Meanwhile in Uptown Charlotte, people chanted as they marched through Uptown.
“We need to come together. It’s very vital at this moment that we have unity,” says organizer Brishay.
The group traveled from CMPD Headquarters to the Square for what they called a “Black on Black Love Rally.
Brishay says too often people pre-judge others.
“The police need to see that we love each other. Maybe if they think we love each other, they might, ‘OK, it’s OK for us to love you,'” she says.
And in East Charlotte there was a service of prayer and lament at St. Martin’s Episcopal Church.
Priest Josh Bowrom says prayer and reflection are vital during a time like this.
“Prayer is the engine of our action. So we intend to continue to act for justice in our city and our nation,” Bowrom says.