Student from Charlotte Caught Up in Chaos in Nice, France

CHARLOTTE, NC – We’re learning more about a student from Charlotte who was on the promenade in Nice, France during Thursday night’s truck attack.

20-year-old Carter Schmitt is traveling through Europe after studying abroad in Spain.

The rising Sophomore at UNC Chapel Hill graduated from Myers Park High School in 2014.

Her parents say Thursday night she was only a block or two from where the truck barreled through.

“We’re so fortunate. But it is still just hard to comprehend,” says her father Steve.

He and her mom Anne Schmitt say a few minutes may have saved their daughter’s life.

“She and her friend Emma that she was traveling with, were, a few minutes before that thinking of leaving and heading back to where they were staying,” Anne says.

But the two decided to stay a bit longer.

“She heard the shots and people were running so, you know, her instinct was to turn and run away as well,” Anne says.

The two sheltered in place at a nearby hotel for about an hour before being able to safely return to an apartment where they were staying.

“You know, we just keep running over the scenarios of what if she was two minutes earlier and we were getting phone calls from other people and flying to France,” Steve says.

Instead they are thankful tonight that she’s OK.

The family talked about flying her home early, but so far they’ve decided against it.

“If she’s tired of traveling or out of money, or something, yeah sure come home. But just to cut her experience short because of this means they win… the terrorists win,” Anne explains.