Detectives Looking For Masked Shooter In Early Morning Shooting In Lincoln County

Detectives are currently interviewing a person of interest who wore a mask and fired multiple shots into a home in Lincoln County.

LINCOLNTON, N.C. – Sheriff Detectives in Lincoln County are investigating a early morning shooting incident at the 3600 block of Gladden Drive around 1:45 a.m. Saturday morning.

Timothy Burris, 43, was struck by a bullet on his forehead and was transported to CHS-Lincoln.

Officers say that they learned that five people were in the home playing cards when someone came in through the back door wearing a mask, armed with a gun, and started shooting.

According to officials, someone called 911 to report a shooting at that address but hung up on the call.

Deputies say upon their arrival to the residence, they found that all the doors were locked and could not get in. Deputies did say that they could see blood on the floor, porch, and on the ground.

Detectives say the suspect is described as a black male, just under six feet tall and weighing nearly 170 pounds.

Detectives are interviewing a person of interest in the shooting incident.