Guardians Escort Jordyn Dumont Home

GASTONIA, NC– “We’re going to honor this little girl we are going to escort her to the funeral home.”

It’s an honor Guardians of the Children Gastonia chapter leaders say no one ever wants to have.

“She was beaten to death which no child should ever endure.”

Wednesday afternoon the bikers escorted little Jordyn Dumont’s casket to Greenes Funeral Home.

Standing at the door with family, Jordyn’s emotional father Josh Kinnett but no sign of her mother Jayleen Dumont.

The Guardians say it’s cases like this that make them get involved and want to help other children.

“That’s what we try to do is get message out about awareness, it’s the responsibility of everybody to if you see abuse going on its our duty to report it,” said Bill Smith of Guardians of the Children.

Jayleen’s boyfriend, William McCullen, is charged with beating Jordyn to death. A source close to the case says Kinnett called DSS several times concerned about his child’s safety. He also believed Jayleen’s one year old baby was his, not McCullens so it’s like he’s lost two children.

“It behooves all of us if we can serve in this capacity to give her a respectful escort and let people know her life was not in vain” :31