Neighbors Recognize Charlotte Squatter from WCCB Report

A squatter in Harrisburg, that WCCB Charlotte exposed in February, also took his act to a Charlotte neighborhood.

CHARLOTTE, NC — A squatter in Harrisburg, that WCCB Charlotte exposed in February, may have taken his act to a Charlotte neighborhood.

Concerned residents in Steele Creek reached out to us when they say Sonny Lucas moved into a home on their street, and we reached out to CMPD to try and help.

“All type of people coming and going – old, young, all different nationalities – day and night,” says one neighbor.

The front door of this Steele Creek home is locked up tight now, but that wasn’t the case a week ago. There were squatters living in this home. They’ve been evicted now. You can see the notices from the sheriff’s department behind me. But we talked to the agent from the bank that owns this house. He says those squatters were here for eight months – partying, raising a ruckus – frustrating neighbors so much they reached out to WCCB Charlotte. We got CMPD involved. They were able to help get that eviction. Now all that’s left of those squatters is some trash by the driveway.

Those neighbors say they noticed “lots of suspicious activity”, “different cars coming and going” and they “suspected drug activity”.

CMPD arrested two people at the house on Walland Lane last week. Serving warrants for drug possession on John Britton. Drug possession and carrying a concealed weapon for William Morton.
The next morning, the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department posted an eviction notice, and the squatters cleared out most of their stuff.

“When we get those tips, you know it could lead us to a lot,” says Officer John Frisk with CMPD’s Crime Prevention Unit. “Maybe someone’s doing drug activity. Or maybe someone’s got outstanding warrants. So we would tell people to be aware and be alert.”

One of the people neighbors say was in the house was Sonny Lucas, a convicted felon who we found squatting at a home in Harrisburg in February.
They recognized him from our report.

“He would come to the door and never let nobody really see his face,” says a neighbor. “And then once he got to know us he would do the little waiving and stuff.”

The Cabarrus County Sheriff’s Office says Lucas was evicted from the house in Harrisburg in mid-June, after the case had worked it’s way through the courts.