Fans Come To Grips With Less Parking, New Security Measures

CHARLOTTE, NC– Panthers fans excitement for tailgating hasn’t diminished since last year, but tailgating options have; specifically the old Charlotte Observer parking lot, which now is a demolition site.

“It was really really sad when we lost that lot, it was a great lot close by , you could see the stadium you could hear the excitement.”

The mixed use development planned for the lot took away 500 prime tailgating spots, moving fans further away from the stadium.

“It is what it is you can’t change progress so but we are disappointed.”

Some fans say it’s a sacrifice that could pay off in the long run.

“We need some more hotels to be able to accommodate a super bowl – so hopefully this will be a hotel that could be a hotel.”

Less parking isn’t the only change this season, new metal detectors welcomed fans at the stadium entrance.

“Hopefully it will speed up the lines instead of getting the wands.”

It was a little slow moving first time around.

“Safety for all its not a bad idea , might be a little holed up but it’s worth it in long run.”

The beefed up security also includes more cameras and specially trained dogs. Fans say its a good thing.