Hermine Has Minimal Impact On Holiday Travel

CHARLOTTE, NC– Hermine hit just in time for a busy holiday travel weekend.

All the rain and weather spun up by the storm left many travelers in Charlotte worried that they would face delays and cancellations. But all the wet stuff only had a minimal impact, pushing back some flights from Florida.

Many people traveling this labor day made a point of getting to Charlotte-Douglas early, just in case.

“It’s frustrating, because there is nothing you can do. You’re just waiting here for something to happen, and that’s all. You have to wait,” said traveller Jose Santiago.

“We made sure and showed up real early. It’s just with the hurricane coming through, we are going to Philly, looked like some rain was coming through. So we tried to get here a little bit earlier than usual,” said Charlotte resident, Matt Dent.

Charlotte-Douglas and the TSA are advising those traveling this weekend to arrive at the airport two hours early.