Reaction To Released CMPD Footage Of The Shooting Of Keith Lamont Scott

CHARLOTTE, NC — The deadly shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by a CMPD officer on Tuesday has resulted in five days of protest throughout the Charlotte area. Violence in Uptown made the headlines on Wednesday followed by the National Guard being called in to assist security on Thursday after a State of Emergency was declared. Later on Thursday a curfew was announced from midnight to 6am and will stay in effect until at least Saturday night, however protests have remained peaceful since. There were many calls from protesters, city leaders and other prominent figures for CMPD to release the body and dash cam footage recorded during the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott. Saturday, Chief Putney announced the footage would be released. WCCB has been covering the events from the beginning and will continue to bring you the latest as it develops. Also follow WCCB on Twitter and Facebook for breaking updates.

Update 12am: The Charlotte wide curfew goes into effect for a third night.

Update 6pm: The attorneys for the family of Keith Lamont Scott spoke to the media after CMPD released the body and dash cam footage in the shooting death of Scott.

Update 5:30pm: Body and dash cam footage is now available with evidence photos and supporting documents.

Update 5pm: CMPD announced they will be releasing the body and dash cam footage in the shooting death of Keith Lamont Scott.

Update 2pm: Saturday protests | PHOTOS

Update 12pm: Protesters are peacefully demonstrating at Marshall Park in Uptown Charlotte.

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