Chief Putney Vows To Be More Transparent Moving Forward

CHARLOTTE, NC– News of the state of emergency lifting was a relief for many who say they want to focus on Charlotte healing after outrage over the shooting and then CMPD waiting four days to release police video.

Outrage from the community came after Chief Putney refused to release police footage of the Keith Scott shooting. CMPD finally released a small portion Saturday. Wednesday, Putney said CMPD will be more open about releasing videos saying it’s a new day and chance to give the public what they want.

Clergy gathered at the First United Methodist Church this evening for a unity, peace discussion. Some say they are optimistic about Chief Putney’s vow on transparency moving forward.

“Transparency has been something he’s consistently tried to communicate and I think his actions have shown he is a good leader and communicating with the public building a strong relationship and trying to build the confidence of the community.”

Chief Putney did not give any details on if or when more of the Scott footage will be released.