Family Sends Message to Parsons After Remains Found

Erica Parsons was missing for nearly five years.

SALISBURY, NC — Family of Erica Parsons sends a message to the couple who adopted her, Casey and Sandy Parsons, after investigators found the little girl’s remains buried in rural Chesterfield County, SC.

“You will pay for what you’ve done, definitely,” said Christina Goodman.

Answers began to surface Thursday when investigators announced the discovery.

“I believe they belong in hell,” said Goodman. “That’s my true belief.”

Goodman gathered on the Rowan County courthouse steps Friday with family and strangers for a balloon release in Erica’s honor.

“Why you would adopt a child and be horrible to her?” cried Goodman.

It’s been nearly five years since Erica vanished while in the care of her adopted parents, Casey and Sandy Parsons.

Erica’s adopted brother, James “Jamie” Parsons, reported her missing in 2013. That was nearly two years after he last saw her.

During the adoptive parents’ fraud trial, the brother testified that they made him break her arm. He said that his mother, Casey, broke Erica’s fingers. He says Erica was locked in a closet and forced to eat dog food.

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The Parsons’ former attorney, Carlyle Sherrill, spoke to WCCB Charlotte after deputies found Erica’s remains.

“I’m disappointed at what has happened to her,” said Sherrill. “Especially, when you have been told something else for so long.”

He says the Parsons maintained they took Erica to her biological grandmother’s home in Asheville. Investigators say that person never existed.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks was there when investigators found Erica’s remains.

“They brought Mr. Parsons from federal prison,” said Sheriff Brooks. “He showed them the general area of where he thought the body was buried.”

“So I’m sure Sandy has got him a deal that’s going to help him out in his prison sentence,” predicted Sherrill.

“I pray to God that they don’t give him a deal,” said Goodman. “I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison. That way, he has to think about what he’s done.”

By Friday evening, there was no word whether Erica’s adoptive parents will face additional charges.

Casey Parsons is serving 10 years in federal prison for fraud charges for collecting Erica’s adoption money while she was missing.

She’s in a prison in Tallahassee, Florida.

Sandy Parsons is serving eight years in a federal prison in Butner. That’s two and a half hours from Charlotte.