Black Lives Matter Sculpture Battle After Public Altercation

CHARLOTTE, NC — A Charlotte business owner accused of assault and destroying property after a man says he ripped a Black Lives Matter sculpture off his car.

A photo shows the moment after Mark Doepker says John Schmidt began trying to take off the large figure in the middle of traffic.

The man in the photo is pointing to a business logo on his t-shirt.

“He’s very proud of his actions, you know? He posed for the photo,” said Doepker.

The Charlotte artist says he was in his car Oct. 30 with this black lives matter sculpture. It’s for display at universities around the area.

He says Schmidt followed him on foot for a block before tearing it off.

“He explained to me very clearly that I had a n****** matter sign on my car, and that’s what his major problem,” said Doepker.

Doepker snapped the photo of Schmidt pointing out his business logo, Midtown Search Group.

WCCB Charlotte tried to talk to Schmidt at the business Tuesday.

We asked if the allegations are true.

He had no comment.

Since the alleged crime is a misdemeanor, the victim had to file for warrants himself at the courthouse.

A magistrate granted Doepker two warrants. One for assault says Schmidt hit Doepker by “…thrusting his hands inside the victim’s car, striking the victim’s hand and knocking the victim’s phone from his hand.
The second warrant is for injury to personal property.

CMPD says Schmidt will have to testify in court.

“He’s a violent guy,” said Doepker.

If punished, Doepker is asking the court to make Schmidt accompany the sculpture to university exhibitions.

“So he can explain to the attendees why he did what he did,” said Doepker.

The art is on display at UNC Charlotte November 29 at 6:00 in the evening at the Cone Center McKnight Auditorium.