Incoming NC Governor Tells McCrory Staffers, Jobs End Sunday

RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) – The incoming administration of Gov.-elect Roy Cooper is already giving notice to stalwarts of Gov. Pat McCrory’s administration that they’re being replaced and shouldn’t show up for work next week.

Cooper spokeswoman Megan Jacobs said Thursday that notices were given this week to a few dozen McCrory political appointees.

The notices remind the McCrory staffers that they’ve worked at the pleasure of the outgoing Republican governor, and the top job changes hands once Cooper takes over early Sunday.

The dismissals are common as one administration succeeds another. They may take on added significance this time because Cooper may sue over a law passed by the Republican-led General Assembly and signed by McCrory. It cuts the number of political appointees from the 1,500 that McCrory had to 425 for Cooper.