Monitoring N. Mecklenburg Co. Roads

Road conditions remained spotted throughout County on Monday

MECKLENBURG CO., NC — Road conditions remained spotted throughout North Mecklenburg County on Monday.

“The neighborhood roads, some of them, are still kind of icy. I mean, it’s not terrible,” said Ashley Lee.

Lee and her children live in Cornelius. That part of the county got several inches of snow over the weekend. Black ice remained an issue on neighborhood streets, in turning lanes on, on side streets and highways.

However, the NC Department of Transportation plowed most of the roads.

“Everything right now is pretty clear,” said Seth Moore. “The only thing I’d really worry about is the back roads or maybe the sides of the roads where all the ice is.”

 Huntersville dealt with the same conditions. Parking lots at some schools like Blythe Elementary were covered in ice. That’s one reason Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is keeping schools closed on Tuesday.
The storm cut the county in half. In south Charlotte and the southern part of the county, only patched of black ice were problematic, according to the Charlotte DOT.
“Most of the roads are clear,” said Spokesperson for CDOT, Linda Durrett.
Since CMS includes all cities in the county, the district has to close every school for the second day in a row.
“I have friends in south Charlotte that didn’t get anything, and so they’re at home their kids are at home, you know, with no snow on the ground. So, I know it’s got to be frustrating,” said Lee.
The CDOT and NCDOT will continue plowing and salting ice off the roads Tuesday morning.