The Get with Morgan Fogarty: Gov. Roy Cooper Part 2

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – House Bill 2 is arguably the issue that put Democrat Roy Cooper in the Governor’s Mansion. The so-called “Bathroom Bill” has flushed plenty of economic opportunities for North Carolina. And after it looked like a December deal to repeal it had been struck, it fell apart in the 11th hour.

WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty asked Cooper, “Do you anticipate there will be another vote on HB2 this month?” He replied, “I do. Because it’s so important for us to get it off our books.”

Cooper says the are enough votes to repeal the bill, “And I believe what happened is many of the people who support HB2, in the Republican caucuses, were ferociously opposed to repeal, and I think that put Republican legislative leadership back on their heels and that they didn’t want to put HB2 by itself on the floor for a vote, out of fear of what is happening in their own caucuses.”

He says there is no “better issue” than HB2, to prove that both sides can work together.

Meantime, this Thursday, the Supreme Court will consider an appeal from Republicans, who don’t want an unusual, off-year election in North Carolina in November. A lower court has already ruled that current legislative district boundaries have been drawn along racial lines and have helped Republicans pad their majorities. Cooper says, “To use technology (to draw districts) in such a diabolical way, when you’ve got a state that is pretty evenly divided between Republicans and Democrats, but yet have ten Republicans and three Democrats in Congress, the same kind of thing with the state legislature, you know something is off-kilter.”

Fogarty asked Cooper, “Are you concerned that if we don’t have these special elections, and the Democrats aren’t able to change those margins to help leverage some of your power, that you just might be sort of a ceremonial figure head?” He replied, “No. The Governor’s Office has a lot of authority and I think we’ve already seen that in what we can do through putting top notch people to run these cabinets.”

Cooper, who says it is “the honor of his life” to be elected governor, says he isn’t dissuaded by today’s high-pressure political scene. Fogarty asked, “Has there been any point during the campaign or post-November 8th, that you thought, ‘I regret getting into this?'” He replied, “No. Absolutely not. In fact, sometimes when things get hard, it makes you want to do it even more.”

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