Hookah Bar Owner Plans “Stop the Violence” Townhall After Stabbings

CHARLOTTE, NC – The owner of a hookah bar in University City says he is planning a “Stop the Violence” townhall.

His comments come one day after five people were stabbed outside his business.

Video posted online shows the chaos inside Red @ 28th just after 2:00 Sunday morning.

Police say a fight broke out inside, then moved outside, where five people were stabbed. Two were left in critical condition.

Someone also fired a gun but no one was hit.

“It was really disturbing getting this phone call, in the middle of the night, after the stabbing,” explains owner Darren Vincent.

Vincent says he’s frustrated that violence broke out in what he says is normally a peaceful place.

Police continue to face similar issues where feuding groups get into it with each other, putting innocent people at risk.

“You get in an argument with somebody and it’s just between you and that person not realizing how it affects everybody else around you,” Vincent says.

The community townhall will happen Wednesday at Noon.

Members of the group Heal Charlotte also plan to take part.

“The community is only going to save itself at this moment. We all need to step up and play our role inside our community,” says Heal Charlotte founder Greg Jackson.

The group formed following protests over Keith Scott’s shooting and hosts free after school programs.
Organizers hope Wednesday’s forum will help turn a negative into a positive.

“You put your resources together to create a better community. Because it starts with us,” explains Heal Charlotte co-founder Antuan Smith.