Officer Sean Clark’s Funeral

[Original coverage from April 2007]

CHARLOTTE, NC — The day began as fellow officers carried the casket of Officer Sean Clark into Calvary Church and down the isle.

His pregnant wife and 3 year old son followed closely behind.

During the funeral we learned about the man behind the badge from family and friends.

“What you saw is exactly what you got. That smile and those eyes, he was genuine.” His mother-in-law said he could make a brick wall talk back to him.”

A childhood friend of Clark’s said, “Everyone that knew him, loved him. Always having a laugh, a hug, and an i love you brother when the conversation ended.”

We also learned he was a man of God.

“He had giant faith.  He placed his faith in Jesus Christ,” said Clark’s uncle.

The Pastor spoke saying, “He had this love for god that words couldn’t describe and it was just part of the fabric of who he was.”

On top of faith, we learned of his adoration for his wife, his son, and his unborn son.

“That was the most important thing in his life was his family, his wife and kids,” said a family member. “He loved making them happy.”

Sean Clark loved being a police officer. A colleague told a funny story about Clark chasing a suspect.

“I think he was heckling him saying I’m only good for 10 miles, let me know when you give up. So they were going around fences, and houses, and this and that, and finally he caught him.”

Some stories brought laughter, and even more brought tears. The constant theme was respect from a crowd mostly made up of fellow officers.

As the funeral service ended, the brotherhood and comradery of the officers really became apparent as the sea of blue clad officers filed out of the Church.

Some officers knew Clark personally, but many more didn’t. Detective Scott Guffey drove eight and a half hours from Tampa, Florida.

“It was a long drive and knowing at the end we were here for two funerals, for two fallen heroes, made it all the more difficult.  But once again, we knew how important it was to be here and we’re glad we could be here for them and their families.”

Ed Adelman brought his two young sons from Newark, New Jersey. They watched as the procession left the Church.

“It’s the brotherhood, the community of police officers and I wanted to show my support.”

As the procession wound through the city thousands stood along the route, showing the community’s true colors.

Linda Hinson brought a spool of blue ribbon.

“I’m tying it on the polls and handing it out in hopes that the procession rolls by and the family will know how much we appreciate what they do.”

Others showed their support by their presence.

“They’re doing a great service to the community so i just came to pay my respects to the job their doing,” said Momodou Bah.

Kevin Butler said, “I feel pretty sad for them for losing one of their family members.”

“I pay my respects to one of Charlotte’s heroes,” said Paul Scheasley.

Church bells rang out as the procession made it’s way to Forrest Lawn West Cemetery. The sound of bagpipes ushered Officer Clark to his final resting place.

Taps were played, and Mayor Pat McCrory’s words from earlier in the day rang true.

“Sean is now a hero forever to all of Charlotte.”