The Affidavit

[Original coverage from April 2007]

CHARLOTTE, NC — From drinking alcohol to listening to violent suggestive music, an affidavit reveals more about what police say the man accused of murdering two CMPD officers did moments before the shooting.

In the affidavit, a homicide detective said Demetrius Montgomery was drinking brandy, smoking Newport cigarettes, and listening to rap music.

On top of these items, the documents show illegal drugs were present. They also state that both officers were killed with a 32 caliber weapon.

WCCB talked with a gun expert who says it may not have been the weapon that necessarily killed them, but the manner in which they were shot.

Roger Ayscue says, “Had they been shot in such a way that they’d have been able to defend themselves, their body armor would have protected a torso. They had to have been shot the way that they were for that gun to have done what it did.”

The affidavit also shows that police took a urine sample and two DNA swabs from Montgomery to compare with the crime scene.

The big question still remains however, why were these officers killed?