Wilson’s World: Wilson Unleashing His Inner Nerd with the Kids at Queen City Robotics

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Some of the kids at Queen City Robotics were with Wilson today while working hard preparing for their upcoming competition.  Wilson talked with the kids, mentors and parents about Queen City Robotics, their upcoming competition and what the group means to them.  He also has the opportunity to see some of the kids’ robots in action before their FIRST 2017 Competition.

Queen City Robotics Alliance will execute, support, train, develop FIRST teams, events, and educators helping more K-12 students engage in hands on STEM and IT experiences and provides training in 21st Century skills.  UTC Aerospace Systems in Charlotte has been a supporter of the Queen City Robotics for many years as well as the championship competition in Raleigh.

But QCR is losing their current workspace at the end of April and they are in need of a new large location (approximately 10,000 sq feet) for their group to come together to work and learn.  If you have a location that you feel would be a good location for Queen City Robotics, you can reach out to them at their website at Queen City Robotics or you can connect with Wilson on his Twitter account.

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