Queen City Quints Mom Celebrates 1st Mother’s Day!


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Bonners are preparing to celebrate the Queen City Quints’ first birthday, and Carolynn Bonner is preparing to celebrate her first Mother’s Day. She tells WCCB News @ Ten anchor Morgan Fogarty, “It’s nonstop. You hit the ground running in the morning, and even after they go to bed, you’re still going like crazy.”

Carolynn has her hands full. More than full. Carter, Benjamin, Aubree and Emilee are 10 months now, eating a lot, and on the move. Most days, Carolynn is home alone with the babies, while Mitch works. Morgan asked, “How many loads of laundry do you do every day?” Carolynn replied, “Two to three a day.”

“How many diapers do you change a day?”

“20 to 30.”

“How many bottles do you wash a day?”


The Bonner babies go through two cans of formula and 12 packages of baby food a day. Carolynn not only stays home with the babies alone most days; she also takes them out alone. And as you’d imagine, even a trip to the grocery store is carefully orchestrated. “We push two in a stroller, I wear one, and then one sits in the cart,” she explains.

Speaking of field trips: popular carseat maker Britax recently invited the Bonners to an installation safety check at their Fort Mill facility, and gifted the family with another set of car seats. As the babies grow, so does their gear. Britax Consumer Advocacy Director Sarah Tilton says, “It’s a wonderful experience to be able to help the family out and get them in some seats that their children can continue to grow with.”

Back at the Bonner house, when Mitch gets home from work, he jumps right into dad mode, saying, “This is probably the best part of my day.” And when people ask if there are plans for more Bonner babies, he laughs and says, “Ah, no, absolutely not!”

Mitch has discovered a new level of respect for Carolynn, saying, “I call her Supermom.” And Carolynn’s learned something, too: “Patience, I think. Patience. Not only with them, (but with) myself, with mitch. Just patience, all around.”

The babies get physical therapy once a week, because they were born prematurely. They are on track with all of the traditional ten-month-old milestones.

This Mother’s Day will be even more special for the Bonners: on Sunday, they’ll have the babies dedicated at church. Carolynn also says the babies’ first birthday planning is underway. It’ll be a jungle theme, to mark their “wild” year.

For those who are new to the Queen City Quints story, one of the babies, Dylan, passed away shortly after he was born. Carolynn and Mitch honor him as part of the quints every day.