How to Pull off an Unplugged Wedding

Why everyday couples have started treating their guests like paparazzi.

CHARLOTTE, NC — Forever hold your tweets!

Nothing quite ruins the moment at a wedding when the beautiful bride is walking down the aisle … and someone steps right in front of her to snap a picture!

Unplugged Weddings are one of the hottest wedding trends right now as more and more brides and grooms are saying ‘I Don’t’ to guests tweeting, texting, snapchatting, instagramming – basically anything social media at their wedding.

Wedding planners say couples want guests to be in the now during the ceremony. There are a few ways to tip off them off. You can politely include it in your invites, write it on a chalkboard so arriving guests can’t miss it, or you can ask your officiant to tell guests at the start of the ceremony.

Jacquie Horne, the owner and lead wedding planner at Stunning & Brilliant Events stopped by Rising to chat more about it with the couch crew.