Waiting Child: Dakota and Bud

In today’s waiting child segment we introduce you to two fun loving brothers who really like animals and sports. The only thing missing is a forever family.

Meet Dakota and Bud.  They’re playful, happy brothers who get along great.  they’re smart, caring and love animals, “I loved the pigs the giraffes and the horses.”

They both laughed at how different it felt when the animals ate right food out of their hands, “One felt like sandpaper and one felt soft.”

Dakota and Bud enjoy school and say they get good grades. in their spare time they enjoy playing sports.  The boys get along great together.  Dakota is a responsible big brother, “I tell him to do his homework and not get in trouble.  He shares with me and I share with him.”

They also get in a little bit of trouble together as well. They shared a story of what happened when they accidentally spilled the milk on the dog, “We were opening it and we both tried to open it and the milk just spilled out.  and it landed on the dog.”

Consider adoption. You have the chance to change Dakota and his brother Bud’s life forever.

If you think Dakota and Bud would be a good fit for your family contact the North Carolina Children’s Home Society.



Link: https://www.chsnc.org/